In today’s world smartness is everything. Being smart is not about being perfect but it does help to improve your social image. There is a huge difference between being smart and act smart. To be smart you need to avoid some habits and when I say avoid I mean it. So here are 5 habits you need to avoid to become smart.


  • Too much speaking:- Try to avoid unnecessary talks. Saying “hello” or “hi” does not hurt. Always answer in a single word or by using some words. By this way, you’re actually controlling your mouth. Think before you speak that how your sentence is going to make him/her feel. Look in subject’s eye when you’re talking to him, by this way he will be attentive in the entire conversation.

  • Jack of all trades, master of none:- Try to become an expert in a single field other than putting your head in many things. Develop a particular skill that can give you recognition. You can try photography or drawing or anything else that you love. Use the Internet to develop your skill it’s free..!

  • Comfort zone:- Break your comfort zone. Don’t hesitate to try new things. Keep yourself engaging in activities. Actively take part in social functions. Share your opinions with others. Try to learn from others, mistake happens but in exchange, they give you experiences.

  • Unfashionable:- Don’t try crap dressing style, there will be only laughs and no claps. To get claps try to improve your dressing sense. limit your wardrobe but with always quality. People always notice flaws so keep update from your shoes to your new branded goggles.

  • Lonesome:- Don’t be lonely, make new friends. Make your presence in social media. Try to find good friends circle other than irritating ones. Friends always make you feel better. Love your family they are most important.
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