how to dominate facebook

how to dominate facebook

In today’s life, it doesn’t matter how much friends you have in your real life, the number friends and fans following on social media is now what matters most. Facebook is one of the biggest evolution in social media, by dominating Facebook you can easily create a huge fan following profile and huge fan following means greater influence. It feels like a mini-celebrity in Facebook’s world. So here are the tips by which you will know how to dominate Facebook.

A great profile picture

A great profile image

In Facebook, the first thing you need to do is to provide a clear, sharp profile picture. The profile picture should be in a close-up format so that your face can be seen clearly. If you’re posting a full body picture as profile picture then your face will look very small to others. To avoid this issue always use close up image or tight headshot so that without any hassle anyone can see it.

Fantastic cover image

A fantastic cover image

Your cover image describes much more than your profile picture so choose a good cover image which reflects your personality maximum. Use a good camera to click your pictures. You can always rent them or can easily borrow from your friends. If you’re taking the picture with a group of people then make sure to be in the middle and with a little creative pose this will grab others attention. If you are clicking in single then make sure background is well set up in natural environment else you can try in studio also. Have interest in nature or painting? Then you can also set them as your cover image, in this case, a good digital art or a dynamic sunset or sunrise will be appropriate.

Update your about

Update your about

Always keep up-to-date your about section. Use your real name, will help others to find you quickly. Add your hometown, current living, school, college, graduate college etc. It will also fetch you friends near or belonging to those place or institutions. You can add your hobbies, keep the list minimum but meaningful. Keep your bio short but creative! You can use any famous person’s saying as your favorite quote or you can also use your own.

Image uploading

Upload images regularly. Try to edit the images before uploading, you don’t have to make it professional just blemishes removal and little adjustments can do the magic! Don’t upload underexposed images. Upload image during peak hours it will boost your post. And remember don’t tag unnecessary people to a photo. Use natural english when updating status, add emotions, time and location it will look perfect.

Add friends

Increase friends

Add those who you already know, you can also add a friend of a friend. Don’t add unknown people suddenly, always check that person’s profile and check how much mutual friends are there then you can add him/her

.Better communication


Always have an active communication with all regular friends. Don’t ever ask for like or comments to any friend on your post this will decrease your social image. Don’t be abusive. Always be in your attitude. Like, comment, share posts. Mention friends in comments.

After all this, you will be dominating Facebook!

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